Bio Science / Agriculture

We are well versed in the special needs of facilities for agriculture, engineering, and pharmaceuticals companies. We have built some of the region's top research and laboratory facilities for small private companies, large corporations, healthcare organizations, and educational institutions.

  • bioMérieux


    A 10,000 square foot warehouse space which was converted into a highly secure lab production facility.

  • Hy-Line North America LLC

    Hy-Line North America LLC

  • Centurion Poultry Inc

    Centurion Poultry Inc

  • Joe Scallon – Ham & Eggs

    Joe Scallon – Ham & Eggs

  • Iowa Cagefree LLP

    Iowa Cagefree LLP

  • Hawkeye Pride Egg Farm

    Hawkeye Pride Egg Farm

  • Cal-Maine Foods Inc

    Cal-Maine Foods Inc

  • Moark Egg

    Moark Egg

  • New Horizon Co-Op Association

    New Horizon Co-Op Association

  • Center Fresh Eggs

    Center Fresh Eggs

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