New Construction

We have the expertise and capabilities to deliver a wide range of project types. We pride ourselves on achieving a balance between diversification and specialization to bring you the best team with the best solutions to every project.


Our engineering team will develop a plan which will minimize our customers' risk. We know the importance of working efficiently and effectively to avoid impacting your existing operations.
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We have a team backed by years of industry experience dedicated to renovations. Our team will develop a detailed plan that balances costs and schedule while minimizing the impact to your active operations.


Schematic Design

As the first set of working drawings are developed, we thoroughly review the drawings and confirm the scope and intent compared with the stated goals of the project. At this point we will provide input on phasing considerations, cost options, scheduling, and quality control. It is during this phase that we will prepare a control estimate for each area of the project, providing detailed data based on quantitative analysis and unit pricing. The control estimate will confirm the initial budgeting process prior to expending significant design dollars and allow the Owner to see the probable cost for each phase.

Value Engineering

Value engineering will commence after the control estimate to address any cost or function concerns that may arise during the schematic design process. After the project cost has been evaluated through the control estimate, we will participate with the Owner in the evaluation of alternatives as needed to improve upon the project’s cost, schedule, form, and function. We will not recommend proceeding with further design development until the Owner is comfortable that the scope and budget are in harmony.

Design Development

During the design development phase, the drawings become much more detailed. The documents completed in this phase will consist of preliminary design drawings, outline specifications, and other documents sufficient to establish the size, quality, and character of the entire project, it’s architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical systems, and the materials and such other elements of the project as may be appropriate. At the completion of design development we will provide a detailed proposal with a (GMP) for the construction of the project.


Constructability Review

During all phases of design, we perform periodic reviews (usually on a weekly basis) to ensure that the project’s scope of work remains consistent with the Owner’s vision and estimated cost assumptions. During these reviews, we provide input to the Owner to improve quality and constructability. We believe our best resources for the evaluation of value solutions and constructability is our field staff. Because of this, our team, including our proposed field superintendent, will be actively engaged in the evaluation of the constructability of your project at each of the scheduled progress reviews.

Subcontractor Bidding

When the construction documents have been substantially completed and reviewed for completeness and compliance, we “bid out” the project in the subcontractor marketplace. We then make recommendations as to phasing of bid packages when appropriate and bid market timing (which can greatly affect the outcome of the bidding process). Pre-bid meetings will be conducted as appropriate.


On-Site Management

We will employ a full-time staff at the job site with support staff as required for the coordination and inspection of work. This includes coordinating all aspects of the work with local municipal authorities, government agencies, utility companies, etc., who may be involved in the project. We will also constantly review subcontractor work, manpower levels, equipment, and material needs.

Change Management

A Senior Project Manager will coordinate all project changes in the following manner: review all change requests from the subcontractors, including unit prices, time and material charges, and similar items, and consult with the Architect and Engineers as necessary. After mutual agreement, we will submit our recommendations to your team.

Project Completion

We will identify and administer all project “close-out” functions with input as appropriate from your team. We obtain all Operating and Maintenance Manuals, as-built drawings, warranties, etc. as required for submission to your community. We coordinate commissioning and training on all mechanical and electrical systems. Our team verifies that all work is complete according to plans and specifications and that any nonconforming work is corrected. We verify that all punch list work is complete.

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